About Us
Founded in 1959 by partners Raymond Oster, Reinhold Enzminger, and Archie Oster;
West End Hide Fur & Metal Co was established in Jamestown upon the closing of a
satellite scrap yard of Fargo Iron & Metal Co.  All three partners were traveling
buyers of metals, hides, and fur for Fargo Iron & Metal Co.  In the early 1960's, the
business was relocated to its current 13-acre location in northwest Jamestown.
West End's main focus in the earlier years was purchasing and marketing beef hides,
deerskins, fur, and wool with scrap metals being secondary in a business sense.  
Today, second generation son's of Raymond Oster, Mike and Jeff, have incorporated
the family business into a much larger scale of operation thru quality employees and
major capital investments in recycling equipment.  Excavators with shear and magnet
attachments, balers, carlogger balers, and roll off container services have been
acquired to enhance all operations.
West End is the last of the true family -owned hide, fur and metal company left in
North Dakota. West End services most of North Dakota's cattle slaughtering plants
picking up beef hides, deerskins and offal.

West End's main focus is the ferrous and non-ferrous portions of the business.  Also,
West End is Jamestown's and the surrounding area's leader of new steel distribution.  
A complete inventory of new steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products are on hand
at all times.

West End values all of its employees and customers alike.  Our customers are the
lifeblood of all of our sales and we  value everyone's loyal business; past, present, and
the future.
West End Hide, Fur & Metal Co. Inc.